We specialize in helping you get the trailer you need for your specific job. Since every job is different, we act as an expert guide to find you the right trailer model, features, and accessories that simplify your work and streamline your day. We get your trailer built to order so that you have everything you need–and nothing you don’t.

Built-to-order trailers do take time to manufacture and ship, but when you own a trailer, making sure it’s a good fit for the long haul is critical and that’s what we’re here to do.

Can’t wait? No problem, give us a call at 402-367-4448 and we’ll find a rental trailer that will solve your job today.

Hay Trailers

Need to move hay? Want to do it easier and faster? Larry shows why he moves his hay with EZ-Haul trailers in the video below–easy to load, easy to haul, and even easier to dump! (No unloading equipment needed.)

Larry demonstrates the simplicity and efficiency of EZ-Haul Hay Trailers